An academy advancing 21st century skills
24 January 2017

The importance of information and communication technology (ICT) skills in an interconnected society cannot be underestimated. The workforce of tomorrow will only be able to be efficient and useful by applying and developing these skills.

The Cisco Networking Academy is a course-based ITC educational programme. It provides a range of technical and business skills to prepare students as they pursue further education, embark on their career or start their own business.

It is Cisco’s largest corporate social responsibility (CSR) project and integrates leading-edge education theory with the latest global networking technology. The courses range from computer basics to advanced networking and prepare students for globally recognised certifications by addressing science, technology, engineering and mathematics learning goals. Cisco develops the content and provides learning resources, while schools, colleges, universities and non-profits provide instructors and facilities.

In Poland, the Networking Academy Programme was awarded the Luminatus Award by Bloomberg Businessweek as the most innovative CSR programme in 2016. More than 500 Polish educational institutions offer the programme, with more than 700 teachers qualified to teach the courses. Since its inception more than 130,000 Polish students have joined academy courses, with an additional 28,000 new students joining the programme every year. Worldwide, over six million students have benefitted from this programme.

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students in Poland have participated in academy courses
million students worldwide benefited from CISCO academy worldwide