Investing in maternal healthcare and education services in Romania
31 October 2017

MSD for Mothers is a ten-year, $500 million global initiative focused on improving maternal health and well-being during pregnancy and childbirth in more than 30 countries around the world. Since 2012, MSD for Mothers has donated $6 million to European-based maternal health organisations. Half of that amount has been spent on supporting women living in Europe, ranging from health literacy projects for migrant women to pregnancy advisory services.

One such partnership, with World Vision Romania’s Mothers for Life programme, aims to improve reproductive and maternal healthcare services in a country with one of the highest poverty rates in the EU, where maternal mortality rates are more than double the EU average. The programme is training health professionals and strengthening local government capacity to improve family-planning and maternal health services for up to 15,000 vulnerable women in three rural Romanian counties.

The initiative will continue to collaborate with policy makers, NGOs, health centres, social workers, healthcare professionals and local governments to link women to quality maternal healthcare. MSD for Mothers is committed to using business and scientific expertise to ensure all women in Europe have the ability to access quality maternal health services, regardless of their socio-economic status, ethnicity or nationality.

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