#CodingSummerSchool: Aerospace visionaries of tomorrow take off in Brussels
25 January 2017

Over 900,000 jobs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and information and communication technology (ICT) are currently vacant in the European Union. This is mainly due to skill shortages and is detrimental to growth and innovation across many sectors, including aerospace.

Recognising digital skills as a fundamental asset for tomorrow’s workforce, Boeing partnered with NGO ThinkYoung in July 2017 for the second Coding Summer School in Brussels, following the successful first 5-day school in 2016. Students of all backgrounds are taught the basics of computer programming by prominent coding experts in a fun and inclusive environment. This year, more than 70 teenagers, over 70% girls, experienced coding in a fun and inclusive learning environment.

Software and coding skills are fundamental in developing digitalized products and services, notably in the aerospace sector. By investing in high-quality, gender-positive education, Boeing wants to equip, encourage and empower the next generation of aerospace visionaries with 21st century STEM skills.

The Coding Summer School is one of nearly 30 key corporate citizenship programmes in Europe that have been supported by Boeing. They focus on education, environment and civic engagement and aim to inspire young people in the areas of STEM and ICT. Boeing believes all students should have access to high-quality, real-world learning opportunities that will allow them to fully develop their skills.

In 2018, Boeing and ThinkYoung will double their efforts to bring coding, STEM and ICT related skills to young people in Brussels and Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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