Supplying new talent to meet renewable energy demand
17 June 2024

In 2021, 22% of the EU’s energy came from renewable sources. However, as the number of renewable energy projects increases, so too does the gap between the workforce the sector needs and the qualified personnel ready to fill these specialised positions. With few university programmes currently available, one the most important challenges in Europe and around the world is training professionals to create the greener and smarter solutions the world needs.  

As an energy company working towards these kinds of innovative solutions, AES believes business can play an important role in preparing the sector’s future personnel and helping to accelerate the future of carbon-free energy. In 2022, AES Bulgaria partnered with Varna Technical University in Bulgaria to do just that.

The AES Bulgaria team at Saint Nikola Wind Farm near Kavarna works with university professors to manage internship and scholarship programmes, deliver lectures and presentations, participate in university activities and facilitate site visits. Participating students come from diverse backgrounds, have excellent marks and are majoring in renewable energy.

Through this collaboration, students have access to expert knowledge about wind power plant construction and operations, engineering processes, industry trends and professional opportunities, as well as hands-on experiences on site. In this way, the initiative raises awareness about the possibilities in the wind energy industry and builds mentoring relationships that can guide Varna Technical University’s students to a deeper understanding of – and a fulfilling career in – the business. According to Ivan Tzankov, Managing Director, AES Bulgaria:

‘The partnership with Varna University is another step towards the greener energy future, for which AES, as a global technology leader, is actively working. I believe that in this way we will motivate more and more young people to head for the future of the energy sector, namely the use of renewable energy sources technology.’

Skills training, diversity, inclusion and equity (DEI)
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