Increasing European fuel security through investments in Belgium and the Netherlands
6 April 2017

Fuel security is of fundamental importance to meeting Europe’s energy needs and enabling the rapid mobility of people and goods across the EU. Sustained investment and competition in the refining industry is thus vital to ensuring a reliable supply of petroleum-based fuels. This includes the fuels used every day by millions of Europeans in their cars, as well as the fuels that power marine, aviation, road transportation, mining, and wholesale consumers.

Over the past five years, ExxonMobil has invested US $14.5 billion in Europe and has recently announced major upgrades at its refineries in Antwerp and Rotterdam.

The Antwerp coker project, valued at US $1 billion, will convert heavy, higher-sulphur residual oils into much-needed transportation fuels, helping to expand trade and support the European economy.

The construction generates significant employment opportunities – on average, about 700 additional workers are on site daily during a three-year construction period, with workforce numbers peaking at about 1,200 workers in 2016. The Antwerp refinery already directly sustains more than 1,000 jobs and supports numerous additional jobs with service providers. There will be a need for about 70 additional, permanent high-skilled technical staff positions after construction. Elsewhere, the expansion of the hydrocracker at the Rotterdam refinery representing over US $1 billion in investment, will upgrade heavier by-products into cleaner, higher-value products.

As one of world’s largest suppliers of oil and gas and the employer of more than 18,000 people across 18 European countries, ExxonMobil has been a committed investor in Europe for over 125 years. With operations at nine European refineries representing 30% of ExxonMobil’s global capacity, the company is a key stakeholder in the European energy market and a major contributor to Europe’s economy. The long-term upgrades at Antwerp and Rotterdam demonstrate that despite a challenging industry environment, ExxonMobil remains committed to delivering fuel security, jobs and growth.

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