Proactively decreasing carbon footprint for over 30 years
1 June 2021

The Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices manufacturing plant in Norderstedt, Germany, was founded in 1960 and over the years has been upgraded to become a major production site within the global Johnson & Johnson manufacturing network. The site specialises in the production of surgical needles, absorbable sutures, and sterile, absorbable surgical sutures, including VICRYL® sutures. Every day products made in Norderstedt impact surgical procedures, not just in Europe, but around the world.

Johnson & Johnson believes in continuous improvement, as demonstrates the 3rd paragraph of Our Credo, J&J’s guiding corporate principles for more than 75 years: ‘We must maintain in good order the property we are privileged to use, protecting the environment and natural resources’. True to these words, the team in Norderstedt continues to take action to minimise its environmental footprint while meeting the needs of its customers.

In 2020, the site made the switch to be powered by 100% renewable electricity. The site has implemented upgrade projects to the water treatment system which re-use water in the production operations and this saves about 25,000 cubic meters of water annually.  A new building in this industrial facility was designed and constructed with LEED Green building practices in mind, and in 2021 this facility received the LEED ‘Certified’ certification level. The building, and new manufacturing process housed within, will provide significant energy and water savings over the previous facility and process that it replaced.  Norderstedt has also implemented projects for reusing key process chemicals saving approximately 210 tons per year.  The site, in collaboration with Engineering and R&D partners, continues to make improvements to manufacturing processes to reduce waste and in 2021 will complete a project that eliminates the use of PVC in its product packaging material.

Johnson & Johnson Medical in Norderstedt will continue to provide high quality medical devices to the market and will continue to improve products and processes to minimise its environmental footprint and have a positive impact on environmental sustainability. The site is confident that through the application of technology, lean principles, and engaged and inspired employees, it will help the site and company meet its global commitment of having carbon neutral operations by 2030.

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