Supporting social entrepreneurship in healthcare

The competitiveness of a company and the health of the communities around it are mutually dependent. That’s why in 2016 Lilly Spain joined forces with UnLtd Spain to develop Emprende inHealth, an innovative programme that supports six social entrepreneurs in developing their business project in the health sector. Through the project, participants receive training, advice, mentoring and networking for 10 months, as well as a seed capital of 5,000 euros to convert their initiatives into a sustainable business.

The initiative supported participants to significantly evolve fundamental areas of their business, increasing the total income of the six start-ups that took part in the first edition from 500 to 88,936 € per year. Concerning the health and employment of Spanish citizens, the programme improved the lives of more than 14,500 people in areas ranging from diabetes, fibromyalgia, albinism to functional diversity. Moreover, the growth of the companies led to the creation of 23 jobs in the healthcare sector in 2017.

Lilly employees had the opportunity to accompany the entrepreneurs on their journey, supporting and advising them on technical aspects that are part of their daily work. This collaboration encourages a culture of entrepreneurship, curiosity and innovation. 90% of participating employees said that their involvement enriched them professionally.

This is what shared value projects are about, an exchange of passion and knowledge where everyone benefits: the social entrepreneurs, Lilly employees and, most importantly, society. Due to the success of the first two rounds, the programme will start its third edition in the coming weeks.

For real time updates, follow #EmprendeInHealth on Twitter.

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