Reducing the amount of plastic in the supply chain and distribution network

Herbalife Nutrition is committed to constantly reviewing and identifying opportunities to help reduce or eliminate the amount of plastic packaging that is being used by the company. With consumers making more choices towards products and services that focus on protecting the environment and planet, the company strives to meet the needs of customers and future consumers when it comes to the company being more sustainable. Age demographics such as Millennials and Gen Z have sustainability very high on their agenda when it comes to purchasing decisions.

Herbalife Nutrition is on a journey when it comes to sustainability, which encompasses a broad array of initiatives. One key focus for the company is its programme of reducing, reusing and recycling plastics. This covers many different initiatives from short term tactical solutions such as eliminating the use of plastic bags throughout its supply chain; removing plastic polybag packaging form its promotional merchandising range; and removing second plastic film packaging from its products, to name but a few. By making these small positive changes to the EU region, Herbalife has managed to eliminate over 33,000 kgs of plastic.

Some of Herbalife’s sales centres in its markets across the EU have recycling centres where members and customers can return their used canisters and product packaging which are then sent to a local recycling facility to be recycled.  More long-term objectives will include a review of product packaging to explore ways in which the company’s core product packaging can be made more environmentally friendly to help reduce the use of plastic. Herbalife’s Supply Chain and Distribution Network is also working hard to reduce the amount of plastic that is being used through its supply chain. One key improvement includes using 50% recycled plastic packaging air fill when shipping products to members/customers.

Herbalife Nutrition remains committed to continue driving its sustainable agenda of reducing, reusing and recycling plastic across its products, supply chain and distribution network.

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Plastic eliminated in Europe

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