The world's largest responsible-recycling programme for electronics

In 2015, the European Commission launched the visionary action plan ‘Closing the Loop,’ which is a roadmap for transitioning Europe to a more circular and resource-efficient economy. This requires better practices throughout the production lifecycle, including innovative product design, manufacturing, packaging and shipping. Dell is leading the world’s largest responsible-recycling programme for electronics, demonstrating how organisations can continue to expand services while using fewer natural resources.

Dell’s closed-loop supply chain incorporates plastics from electronics into the new plastics used in over 90 products shipped worldwide. Creating energy-efficient products from recycled content means fewer carbon emissions and reduced waste, while passing on lower production costs to consumers.  For example, in the 2017 fiscal year, Dell used 16.1 million pounds of recycled plastics in its products; 5.4 million pounds came from closed-loop efforts and 10 million pounds came from post-consumer recycled (PCR) content (sourced from water bottles, etc).

At the other end of the lifecycle, Dell’s white-glove commercial programme, the Asset Resale and Recycling Service, extends the lifetime of functional hard-drive technology after first-hand use by overwriting readable hard drives through a 3-pass wipe process. Working hard-drives can be resold or donated while still protecting sensitive data, and when end-of-life is finally reached, the materials are responsibly recycled with full traceability.

Designing products and reshaping supply chains with the whole lifecycle in mind helps ensure that physical materials can be more easily recovered and fed back into the circular system, making sustainability easier for both consumers and commercial customers.

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million pounds of plastics came from closed-loop efforts
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