Europe-based innovation in healthcare

3M has had a significant presence in Europe since the 1920s. Today it covers 30 countries across Europe, making it its largest operational region outside the US.

Employing nearly 20,000 people in Europe, 3M has more than 50 manufacturing sites, 27 Research & Development centres and 7 Customer Innovations centres in Europe. It has a portfolio of science-based innovative and sustainable solutions in healthcare, energy, water, transportation, security and communications of more than 50,000 products.

With healthcare at the heart of 3M, the company provides innovative products and solutions that help people recover from surgery, enjoy healthy smiles, breathe easier and ensure food quality. The company has introduced numerous innovations in the field of medical care, ranging from skin protection and surgical equipment to dentistry products and its famous Littmann stethoscope.

3M healthcare technology production and R&D centres are mainly located in Germany. Its European-based R&D centres develop new technologies that help address some of Europe’s most important challenges. 3M is set to increase the number of employees in its R&D centres by 20% between 2013 and 2018.

As a leader in sustainable technologies, 3M is also committed to supporting Europe’s fight against climate change. 3M’s 2025 climate and energy goals are fully aligned with those of the European Union.

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