'Across generations' - Skills are needed for everyone

It’s not only young people who need skills for the future. Hewlett Packard Enterprise is managing a programme dedicated to senior citizens and the development of their qualifications. Since 2014, in cooperation with Wroclaw Senior Centre in Poland, the company organises trainings for the oldest members of the community.

The first classes included practical knowledge of computer usage (how to use maps, shop online, buy a train ticket, upload photos, etc.), as well as cyber security and consumer rights module. Along the way, the programme expanded and added foreign language courses. It goes beyond skill building. It also organises tours around Wroclaw that bring seniors together to discuss city art, history and culture. Networking works across generations and cultures, and HPE employees and their families are welcome to join the tours. Some 80 seniors and 30 HPE Wroclaw employees participate in the project.

Also, every year, the HPE Centre organises Wroclaw Seniors’ Days. This event, coordinated by the local government offers art workshops and meetings for seniors. The 2017 edition will take place on 11 October and will promote fitness and healthy lifestyle through dance classes and performances.

The primary objectives of HPE’s CSR programmes are to improve the quality of life and positively impact the community they work and live in, as well as to be recognised as a good corporate neighbour, interested in the welfare of their community.

HPE’s CSR initiatives are aimed at different groups, cooperating closely with charity foundations, NGOs, city representatives (Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency), expert organisations (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants), associations (Association of Business Services Leaders in Poland) and universities.

HPE Wroclaw Centre is the only business partner of Wroclaw Senior Centre and the schedule, and all activities are prepared and delivered by HPE employees, without any external contributors.

seniors involved in the programme
HPE employees participating in the programme
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