Building the most modern youth centre in Bulgaria

In the Bulgarian region of Stara Zagora, AES and the Galabovo Municipality inaugurated the country’s most modern youth centre. The complex comprises of more than 1000 square metres of gym and fitness facilities, tennis courts and playgrounds. The project, valued at more than 2 million euros, was fully financed by AES.

The space on which the youth centre was built was formerly an abandoned building, surrounded by a derelict park. The modernisation process also saw the renovation of the park, creating an area that aims to improve the quality of life of youth in the area. Since AES also operates a power plant in town, the company maintains a commitment to openness and dialogue with the local community aiming to improve the quality of life.

The renovation of the Youth Community Centre in Galabovo is the biggest initiative of the public-private partnership in the municipality. It is part of AES Corporate Social Responsibility Program exceeding 6.9 million euros invested to date.

million euros invested in CSR to date
m2 of facilities in Galabovo, Bulgaria
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