Watson Internet of Things centre aims to accelerate technological innovation

Europe is home to some of the most innovative automotive, manufacturing, industrial and financial companies. All of them require new strategies to deal with the massive amounts of data that their products and services are creating.

In December 2015, IBM announced its largest investment in Europe in more than two decades by opening its global headquarters for Watson Internet of Things (IoT) in Munich, Germany – a country widely recognized for being at the forefront of IoT technology development. The amount of the investment totalled more than 200 million euros.

The first ever Watson centre in Europe will house a collaborative innovation lab for data scientists, engineers and programmers to cooperate with clients and partners to stimulate the rapid adoption of IoT technologies for new business opportunities. The Watson centre is a remarkable hub from which to encourage greater collaboration, bringing together around 1000 developers, consultants, researchers and designers to assist a global team in accelerating technological innovation.

The potential to utilise substantial engineering, design and programming talent to accelerate global innovation is a key incentive for investing in Europe, where IBM has been in operation for over a century.

million euros invested in Munich IoT centre
developers, consultants, researchers & designers employed at the centre
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IoT internet of things
Watson Internet of Things centre aims to accelerate technological innovation

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