Tackling student poverty: Supporting French Red Cross students

Nearly 20,000 students are being trained by the Croix-Rouge française (CRf) every year. In the process they are gaining invaluable professional qualifications which enable them to find employment in the dynamic nursing and social work sector. Nevertheless, students who wish to follow CRf trainings are not invulnerable to poverty and social exclusion.

FedEx Express is providing financial support for disadvantaged students from CRf training institutes facing emergency situations or major difficulties that put their ability to complete their training in doubt. Students from the 19 Regional Institutes of Health and Social Education (IRFSS) will be awarded financial assistance, provided they don’t already receive a scholarship from the French state.

By supporting CRf through a donation of 62,000 euro, averaging 650 euro for each student in need, FedEx helps reduce training-related costs and enables young Europeans to access employment. The partnership represents a notable opportunity to encourage access to health and social training for the most vulnerable students. It helps diversify trainee profiles, as well as responds to a growing need for professional skills in the sector.

FedEx Express

Learn more at fedex.com


euro on average provided to each student in need
students trained each year
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